Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

Season tickets


  • Yes. customers can enter and leave the car park 24h/24 even if the car park access is closed for the public. Just press the call button at the car park access and communicate your reservation number. The ticket issued at the car park entrance will also give you access to the secure pedestrian access gate.
  • No. You access the car park in the same way as the other customers, but your parking space is guaranteed. Even when the car park is full, a space is reserved for you. Some car parks regularly experience very busy periods, please make sure you give yourself enough time to reach the automatic entrance barriers. Q-Park cannot be held responsible for any waiting time before the automatic entrance barriers.
  • Yes. Cancellation is possible from your personal space, "My bookings" tab, by clicking "Cancel this booking" up to 72h before the arrival time. If the cancellation option has been selected, cancellation is possible up to 11:59 pm the day before your arrival.
  • Yes. You can arrive up to 15 minutes before the expected arrival time of your reservation. In this case, no extra charge will be due. If you arrive before the 15 minutes tolerance period, an excess amount will be charged at the automatic ticket machine or at the exit barrier as per the tariff in use in the car park.
  • If you have a problem in the car park, you can contact a parking host at any time using the call buttons (intercom) located by the entry and exit automatic barriers and on the automatic ticket machines.
  • No. No parking space number is allocated. You can park where you want unless there is a specific indication given in the conditions of the car park where you have reserved your parking space. This information is given in the car park page and in your order confirmation.
  • No*. When you arrive at the car park automatic entrance barrier (at the time indicated for your reservation), present the QR code that you received when you made the reservation in front of the optical reader. The ticket corresponding to your order will be issued. Take your ticket and keep it with you, it is needed to open the pedestrian access when you return to your car.

    *Unless indicated specifically in the terms of the car park where you have reserved your space. In certain car parks you need to indicate your arrival via the intercom on the automatic entrance barrier so that the person in charge can tell you where to park.
  • Yes. When you make a reservation on, you pay for your parking space in advance, therefore you have the guarantee that you will find an available parking space when you arrive.
  • No. The searches saved in your personal space must be paid online in order to be validated. Your parking space is only guaranteed after payment.
  • No. You cannot change a booking, but you can cancel it from your personal space.
  • No. Reservation is only possible for light vehicles.
  • Yes. If the car park offers the Multipass formula and if you have reserved this type of product, you can enter and exit the car park with your vehicle as many times as you want during your period of reservation. In this case, you are of course guaranteed a parking space each time you enter the car park. If you have selected the Onepass formula, any exit is final and your reservation terminates immediately even if the reservation time initially expected has not terminated.
  • Yes. You can leave the car park up to 15 minutes after the expected exit time of your reservation. In this case, no extra charge will be due. If you leave after the 15 minutes tolerance period, an excess amount will be charged at the automatic ticket machine or at the exit barrier as per the tariff in use in the car park.
  • Yes. If you leave before the date or time indicated in your reservation. In this case no reimbursement shall be due.
  • Yes. As soon as your order has been paid, a QR Code is generated and sent to you in the confirmation email. Printout the code on white A4 format paper without changing the print size. Good print quality is essential. Then present your QR Code in front of the optical reader at the car park entrance barrier. A ticket will be issued. Take the ticket and park your vehicle.

    In the event of an incident, loss or poor print quality, you will have to print your QR Code again.
  • No. If you have not exceeded the time indicated for your exit, you just need to insert your ticket at the exit barrier.
  • No. All the reservations must be paid online before your arrival in the car park.
  • The QR (Quick Response) Code is a two dimensional bar code containing a certain amount of information such as your address details and the characteristics of your reservation (name, car park, length, type of product). It is read by the optical readers located at the entrance to the car park when you present the ordinary document printout or by displaying it on the screen of your smartphone. Watch the video.
  • Yes. It is very easy, you just have to choose a Country, a City, a date/hour of arrival and a date/hour of departure. Then, choose the product, in which you are interested (Onepass or Multipass) and check the box “Would you like to reserve several parking places?” Afterwards, you just have to select the number of places you wish to have and follow the procedure indicated below by clicking on the link “find out more about booking several parking spaces”.
  • Yes. On you can reserve your parking space up to 1 year (365 days) before the date of your arrival.
  • Yes. You can book a parking space up 30 minutes before your arrival.
  • In this case, before returning your vehicle, go to the automatic ticket machine and press the call button (intercom). Our remote assistance service is available round the clock. You will be asked for your name and the order number to enable you to exit the car park.
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