Q-Park offers quality parking solutions at strategic locations, at the heart of mobility. Q-Park makes the investment, carries out the construction and manages high quality parking lots at strategic locations.

In France and internationally, Q-Park is ambitious to remain the most recommended partner based on quality, operational excellence, satisfaction of our clients and sustainable financial performance. Q-Park collaborates with the cities, real estate developers and planners in the development of their projects.

The Q-Park Group has a strong position on the parking market in 7 countries of Western Europe and is represented by its subsidiary Q-Park France on the French market. The priority of the Group is to improve the quality of life by offering clean and safe parking facilities, based on three fundamental principles: comfort, reliability and hospitality.

History and development

Founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, the Q-Park Group is present in 7 countries in Western Europe offering more than 2.500 parking facilities and more than 454.000 parking places.

Q-Park is one of the most important operators on the European parking market where it remains among the top 5 private companies. In Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden and Finland, the Group retains a leading position. In France, Denmark and Norway it is the second on the market.
The growth of the Q-Park Group on the European market since 1998.

Q-Park Group

Strategy and governance

The Group concentrates its activities on the multifunctional parking facilities in the downtown area, close to public transport hubs (train stations, airports) and hospitals.

Managed with a long-term perspective thanks to a solid financial basis, the shareholders of the Group are institutional investments, essentially of pension funds and insurance companies.

Excellent governance of the company remains the main priority of the Group, which has created an effective supervision structure and which enables the communication of transparent reports.

The Supervisory Board is composed of 5 members. Each of them is appointed by the general meeting of shareholders for the maximum of 2 terms, 4 years each.
The Supervisory Board supervises the Executive Board, which is composed of 2 members.

Code of ethics

Q-Park has developed its own code of ethics.
Facing an abundance of the internal and external rules, directives and regulations, the Board of Directors has elaborated an international code of ethics.

The objective of the Q-Park Code of ethics is to raise awareness and to develop the ethical conduct of its senior executives, personnel and the Executive Board by defining in general terms what can be considered as a desirable and undesirable behaviour.
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