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Street parking

Parking in the downtown area is often problematic. For this reason, certain cities turned towards Q-Park to ameliorate their road maintenance. They trust the expertise and experience of our company to optimise and to manage their parking zones in the heart of the city!

The cities that trust us: Albi, Aubagne, Béthune, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Brest, Castres, Colombes, Epinal, Houdan, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Marchezais-Broué, Meaux, Millau, Montauban, Nevers, Nîmes, Rochefort, Saint Germain en Laye, Saint Mandé, Sartrouville, Sèvres, Thonon les Bains, Uzès, Viroflay, ...!

In addition to managing the streets of all these cities, we work on facilitating the payment system. Q-Park progressively equips the streets with the "new generation" parking meters in order to revitalise parking and to make life easier for users. The major innovations offered by these parking meters include:
  • Input of the licence plate number before paying
  • Payment generalisation by credit card
  • Possibility to manage the memberships directly on the parking meter
  • In certain cities, there is a couponing system, which enables the parking meter to deliver to the customers promotions offered by the retailers. This device is available in Meaux and soon in Kremlin-Bicêtre

Q-Park also allows to its customers to manage their parking via smartphone in several cities in France:
  • In Épinal, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Meaux, Sèvres, Kremlin-Bicêtre and Colombes with the Whoosh! system
  • In Béthune, Boulogne-sur-mer, Colombes, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Saint-Mandé, Satrouville, Sèvres and Saint-Mandé with PayByPhone

Fast, easy and flexible solutions. The payment is instant, with no need to be moved. No more issues with money and paper tickets, everything is managed directly from the smartphone.

The tariffs are adopted by the cities, they vary depending on the parking locations and areas in the agglomeration.

Would you like to know the tariff applied on the roads managed by Q-Park? We recommend you to contact us directly by email via the "help" section to ask us any questions that you have, including the street in question.
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