Competition CUBE Paris la Défense

Q-Park is the winner of the 2nd edition of the CUBE Paris la Défense Competition (Competition for Efficient Building Uses), organised to encourage those involved in Paris La Défense to reduce their energy consumption.

Remarkable results.

Thanks to the efforts of the Q-Park France teams, energy consumption has fallen at all 14 of the car parks on the site, all of which are operated by the company.

Savings of at least 20% have already been recorded at each of the sites, with the Corolles car park saving up to 50% in one year.

To achieve these results, Q-Park has switched to LED lighting for all its equipment, parking areas and operating premises. The group has also implemented other levers, such as managing lighting intensity, deploying presence radars, implementing the IV Park Energy tool to detect the various areas where energy savings can be made, and optimising occupancy between the various levels of the car parks.

Q-Park, working with all stakeholders to build the 1st post-carbon business district

Paris La Défense is committed to halving its CO2 emissions by 2030.

Q-Park France is proud to contribute to this initiative:

  • on the one hand, by supporting the development of soft and low-carbon mobility, with the deployment of electric charging stations, secure bicycle parking areas, car-sharing and short-term rental services.
  • secondly, by operating equipment that is ever more responsible and adapted to climate change, thanks to energy efficiency and the installation of water-free car washes.

These efforts are part of all the initiatives undertaken since Q-Park arrived in the area on 1 January 2022, from its participation in the Paris La Défense CSR group to the signing of the Paris La Défense Charter of Commitments.

La Défense, a showcase for Q-Park's commitment throughout France.

Q-Park France is committed to an eco-responsible approach on a national scale and for the entire organisation, at its head office in Issy Les Moulineaux, as well as in the more than 200 car parks that the group operates in France.

Q-Park has already achieved concrete results: energy consumption has been reduced by almost 30% over the last two years in almost all of its car parks.

Q-Park has also been ISO 14001 certified since 2019 for its commitment to limiting its impact on the environment.

Michèle Salvadoretti, Managing Director of Q-Park France, comments: "We are very proud of this award, which recognises our efforts and encourages us to do even better. At La Défense, as elsewhere in France, we are committed to working alongside public authorities and other private players to meet the major challenges of our time. For Q-Park, a car park is more than just a car park. It is a facility for the area, serving its residents, visitors, shops and businesses, with a responsible future".

A major player in the parking market and new urban mobility, Q-Park France is a subsidiary of the Q-Park group, a leading European player in parking. As a genuine link in the mobility chain, Q-Park France provides its private (property developers) and public (towns, cities, metropolitan areas) partners and customers with all its expertise and a quality approach that is unique on the market. With nearly 400 employees, Q-Park France manages more than 200 car parks in 70 towns and cities, and has a 2022 turnover of 162 million euros. Q-Park France was awarded triple QSE certification in 2020: ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO14001. To find out more:

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